The Memory Keeper

By athousandwords

When life gives you lemons...

... Make lemonade Have a rummage around in the carrot bag, where you're certain to find something suggestive-looking enough to crack a smile on even the saddest face! And screw the lemons, they only leave a bitter taste.

In a bit of a funny mood today. Had a fantastic jumping lesson on Risky this evening, which has not helped in the slightest, as it's made me become even more attached to the silly bugger. My first ever lesson on him and it turns out he's somewhat of a pro at what he does. Not only did I get the most lovely, controlled canter 'round the school, but he behaved himself perfectly over the admittedly tiny jumps (I'm re-learning the ropes, it's been a long time since I paid somebody to tell me how to ride). Any comments made regarding Risky were wholly positive, with me being the main issue. It went something along the lines of:

"He knows what he's doing, just go with it."
"He's a bit too keen, rein him in a little over the double."
"That's just impatience, he wants to jump already!" - Following a cheeky buck at the far end of the school.
"He does not need that extra nudge before a jump, leave him in peace!"

You get the idea. But now I'm having fun with him, and he seems to be having fun with me (even if I'm just tagging along for the hell of it), it makes the decision to give him up even harder. Part of me wants to try explore the possibility of taking him on as a long-term loan... But think I'm better to just wait for his owners to make the first move. Save as much money as I can in the meantime. My instructor was shocked that I had refused to take full ownership of him. I hate making big decisions, that's what grown-ups are for!

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