Tussock Tales

By TussockTales

Heading Home

From my spot on the back seat I can see out the window and I know when we are back in A's car and heading home, passing Lake Dunstan when we spot this shot and do a complicated U turn, "A" has forgotten how easy it is to turn her car, and return for this shot. R has to climb through a fence and remembers the bit about the top wire and those plastic insulators just in time.
This may be my last blip for a time BUT it may not as my Boss is not due out of THC (Tussocks Holiday Camp) until tomorrow and having an air show on restricts travel to Cromwell a bit as the road is closed at the Airport.
OH yes I must tell you that we got home Friday after almost non stop from Washington and R and A decided a LLD (Little Lie Down) might be beneficial and woke up at 3.00 am today, went straight back to sleep and woke up for breakfast. A 15 hours LLD. Goodness my boss would never have stood for THAT!

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