Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

Stepping through time!

Me and my youngest went for a cycle to Tillicoultry Mills today.
A very pleasant cycle it was too.
The continental market was there today and was selling wares of the foriegn kind.
there was cheese and garlic sausages at £4 each!
and french crepes(pancakes) nuttella and bannana for £3.50 or for the more adventurest of you, a chicken and cheese pancake for the best part of a fiver!
Abbie decided to nip into thortons and buy some chocolate lolly,s in the shape of sheep, 3 for a quid and nae frogs legs in sight!
Viva la chocolat'e

This shot is taken on the old railway between Tillicoultry and Dollar.
I kinda liked the idea of having Abbie looking as if she is about to pass through a time portal into the future!

I hope you are all haveing a delicious easter break.

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