Rob had to be at school for 4.45am this morning to go on his ski trip. It was a real effort to drag ourselves out of bed at 3.30am but we did it and Rob got off safely. He's flown to Turin and then had an hour long coach journey back into France to the hotel. He has a week of sun, snow and skiing to look forward to - I really hope he enjoys it!

My friend and godson called round this morning to bring Easter treats so it was nice to have an unexpected coffee and a chat. Lucy has been to work but is now home and revising!

Gav and I have just been for a short walk, we needed some fresh air to keep us awake after the early start. I saw this heron in the reeds but he took flight before I could get any really good shots. I've seen him in the same spot a few times so will have to go back one day and try again.

A quiet evening in tonight I think, maybe a glass of wine and a few chapters of my book.

Have a great evening :)

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