By Serap

1-shot wonder

This is the only photo I took today - a self-timer shot, with the camera balanced (sort of) on a couple of pebbles piled up. It made me laugh so much I put my camera away... "no more photos?" questioned Mark... "no need" I said. These tiny little beach chairs we found somewhere (we find stuff a lot), are so uncomfortable, it is impossible to look anything other than gormless sitting on them... especially when you're shoving chips into your mouth! I look rather fat, and also like I've broken my legs, but again, I'm going to blame the chairs - the camera adds 10lbs, and then sitting an inch from the floor with your legs stuck out awkwardly in front you adds another 5 at least! A lovely couple of hours on the beach though - we shared a kebab, with chips and a can of coke for lunch, don't worry, it's spinach & chickpeas for dinner.

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