Daily life through a lens

By banditloon

Well, a picture only needs to speak one word

Fun, that sums up my Easter weekend so far. Good Friday was spent in Horsham with my old trusty Ducati Monster. Then today was spent in Horsham again with my MINI.

Every Easter, Horsham holds an event called "Piazza Italia". Over three of the four days of the Easter break, different events are organised. Good Friday was bikes and Ferraris, Saturday was the Italian Job run, and Monday it will be the turn of the supercars and Alfa Romeos. As well as the displays of vehicles, they have more events happening around the town, including an Italian market, live music, face painting, more displays and lots of food! This was my second year attending the event, and apart from a slight chill in the weather (well it is Bank Holiday weekend and it is Britain!), lots of fun has been had!

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