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One I Love

Today we headed down to old Portsmouth for a Free Art exhibition. Last night I decided to submit a piece to the exhibition. We managed to get there just before its midday start and I managed to get a little cellar people image in amongst the tons of other ones.

The exhibition stems from Free Art Friday which some of the local artists are leaders in. We last went to an exhibition like this a few years ago, which was fairly busy but by the size of the crowds today word has spread greatly about the movement recently, probably due to some telly box coverage.

Anyway it was very exciting to see my bit go early doors. This excitement and the fact that I wanted to get some pictures meant that I did get involved in the big free for all at the start. All the rest of the family picked something out quite quickly. Girl chose this good one. I however took ages to choose, eventually I went for this one, that was created by My Dog Sighs. I was reluctant at first as to be honest I think it was sort of a sign for the exhibition, but I liked its words.

On the way back home we wandered round the old Garrison Church where Wife sat for me, making the lovely light more lovely. With that I got the one I love and we went home.

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