David J. Rose

By djrose007

A very wet, cold, windy GREAT day.

Today we had another joint event with the Jet Age Museum, Vulcan to the Sky Club and The Flying Shack. The West Midlands Air Ambulance joined us today as well.
Despite it being, as in the title, a very wet, windy and bitterly cold day, there was a steady stream of people all day. People queued for up to an hour to have a tour of the Vulcan (XM569) cockpit and tons of raffle tickets and merchandise was sold

It really is a great day when we all get together to raise money for the various organisations, all of which are registered charities. I know there are children's charities that are very worthy but I've supported them all my life. Now that I can't afford to give as much I enjoy giving my time instead.
I took a few photos but I've posted the Vulcan nose a few times and thought I'd include the Hurricane as the Museum only retrieved it from it's 12 year storage place last week. It, and many more exhibits, have been in storage that long waiting for a permanent home, building of which will start in June.

By the way, can't leave it without mentioning the dogs - When I got back Jonty and Foxy stood in front of me until I'd said hello to everyone else and then went berserk when I bent down to recognise them and say hello. Aren't dogs good to come home to.

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