Beneath Biscay

By Douglian

Easter day procession

The float (paso) carrying Mary, the Virgen de la Alegria departs from the Chapel of the Solitude in Gijon's old fisherman's quarter. Two other floats depart from other churches. One carrying Christ and the other St. Peter.

Eventually the float carrying Mary comes face to face with the float carrying Christ. Mary's black cloak of mourning drops away and the accompanying ladies, with their comb and mantilla headcoverings, shower Mary's float with the bunches of flowers that they have been carrying.

Menwhile the float carrying St. Peter draws alongside Mary's, to face Christ. His float is lowered and raised three times in homage.

After a short prayer, the priest announces 'Chist is risen', and the onlookers burst into applause.

The three floats then return to the nearby church of San Pedro, accompanied by a local bagpipe and drum band.

Well, as a result of blipping I've learned a lot about the Easter week processions over these last few days, despite two of them being called off due to rain.

There are a few more procession photos in my blipfolio here, although I've hit it's limit (15 photos per category / 5 categories).

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