the edges of my life

By raej

Day 8

Not what we expected. Started early as usual and were on our fourth and last bear by 2pm. Feeling pretty good we had gotten through our massive list (including a dog sedation today) when we discovered what could be a tumor in Miracle's abdomen. (through ultrasound and palpation) Miracle is a beautiful but very fat old bear. She was our ninth bear rescue so has been with us for nearly 4 years. She was being taken from the bile farm to the abbattoirs when she got lucky and was confiscated and given to us. Anyways, after doing blood work and lots of discussion we opened her up dreading the thought of finding a liver tumor or something we couldn't help - to find a massive walled off abscess in her growing like a tumor - probably a long term result of infection from bile extraction. as big as a grapefruit and rock hard it took hours to tie off all the blood vessels and remove it. You can see the nurse on the right holding it in this photo. Surgery finished at 9.30 andxthen the massive clean up ( and admitting and treating a very sick pup from the village. Home just before midnight feeling just a tad heroic :). (but do heros have massive fankles ?????) and feeling too hyper to sleep - which I have to as back to work in 7 hours ...... but promise myself a break tomorrow and time to watch healthy bears.
Discovered today that little Kollo farts in his sleep and Murko thinks that biting his bum and rolling over to stand on his head will win his affection :). It wins mine.
G'night all

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