By Serap

Hot Pink

I've known Cleo since shortly after I came to Cyprus - she was recommended to me by Lindsay, who also introduced me to Mark (so I trust her judgement!). I've been going to see her more or less every month since then, and she never fails to make me laugh - she has a character to match her bright red hair!

I'm not really a fan of pedicures, but I do like the final result. Poor Cleo has to put up with me squealing throughout most of it - I hate having my toes separated, and those cuticle remover things bloody hurt! She seemed a little startled when I asked her for a photo today - her remarks ranged from "can I brush my teeth" to "are you going to put me on YouTube". She even wrote down the web address for blip and promised she'd take a look at it, so if you've made it this far... hi Cleo, I haven't smudged them yet!

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