a life of vicissitudes

By thinjoe


Dear mr advertising man. I am not amused.

Firstly, you seem to think that just copying Roy Lichtenstein is an idea, it's not, it's copying. Secondly you didn't do it well, there's not even a hint of emulating Ben Day Dots, and you've used a comic book font for the text, which will NEVER look like a font.

Secondly, the style of the advert does not in any way fit with the styling on the bottle.

And thirdly. Small bubbles are not in any way crazy, they are just small bubbles. That is all they are, I'm really sorry but that's it.

P.S. Now I think about it what really annoys me was that someone was willing to pay for this.

P.P.S I apologise for this port. My favourite thing about blipfoto is how positive it is, and I try not to mess with that. but this really got to me... Much more than it should have.

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