Toilet Training Progress

It's been a long time since I blipped Fergus on the toilet so I thought it was time for a blip-marker-in-time progress report. We are on the green ring (I think it's the next to last ring) and I removed my makeshift cardboard and duct tape insert. Fergus now needs very little actual cat litter in the ring to tell him this is where to go. This represents a pretty big improvement over this time last year. Mushroom is pretty much entirely trained and could use the toilet without any ring at all (and has on a few occasions). We are leaving tomorrow on a trip though and Fergus usually suffers setbacks when we go away so we will have to see how things go. I have bought these amazing "pee pads" on Amazon to cover all our furniture just in case. Hoping to avoid another disaster like last year's trip to Hawaii produced.

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