Latitude Living

By QueSeraSara

Lime Light

I have lived in several tropical locations, where I could easily pick mangoes, limes, bananas -- a cornucopia of fruit. Now I am residing at my home, where we have four seasons. I love Kentucky, but I miss having fresh citrus an arm's-length-away. So I bought and potted a lime tree and placed it under a skylight. The tree blossomed a couple months ago, and young limes are slowly growing. I shouted with joy when I saw the first bud. But then APHIDS appeared - the wooly kind! Every day since I have scoured each leaf and twig, battling these little bugs. I believe I may finally be winning this mêlée.

Today I photographed my tree with its promising fruit. The painting in the background is a gift from the time we lived in Vietnam - I enjoy its vivid colors.

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