Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

Do Something For Wildness

You never know whats round the corner.....

Today I did something, which for me was brave (note brave to me is a walk in the park for you). I booked the day off a while ago to go on a morning photography walk in Austwick. It was really good and I learnt quite a bit about taking photos. But for me meeting a load of people I don't know and going on a walk with them was more of an achievement. Anyway this is my pick of the 105 shots I took (although I haven't actually had chance to look through them all yet). It made me think 'What IS round the corner?'. Wouldn't live be boring if we always knew....

This afternoon I went on a great walk on the moor. The weather was super to start with and I wish I'd taken my camera. The clouds, the light, the shadows....all amazing. Then it hands became numb and I was then happy I hadn't taken my camera.

For those who wondered the solicitor is on holiday until monday!

And that's today's one through the looking glass.

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