Covered in Bees

By PaulFS


Another impromptu trip up to Baildon Moor tonight to sample the delights of the sky.

I feel like maybe I've been blind all these years. I thought spectacular sunsets, cloud formations and so on just happened occasionally and usually to other people. Maybe I wasn't looking, maybe I was apathetic or maybe the act of getting a camera and using it is like rubbing the bottle and letting the genie out.

There was so much going on and hardly anyone up there to see it! Over to the West the sky was ribbons of orange and yellow as the sun set, occasionally peeking through holes in the clouds to gift shafts of light onto the lucky recipient. To the South behind the Wrose transmitter there was a huge rainbow of colour, much wider than a normal rainbow and mainly hidden by cloud.

And to the East, Leeds was bathed in light while all around was dark, possibly overshadowed by the clouds pumping out from Ferrybridge Power Station.

Above, wedges of birds, maybe geese or ducks, not sure, but against the broody sky I couldn't capture them.

Each view was amazing but I gasped at the view to the East and hoped I could capture it; and as it was a bit different to my usual blips, that's today's Blipview.

Have a good Friday Blippers! :o)

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