Fi's Foibles

By purpleicious


For the past few weeks we've had a pair of bullfinches visiting the feeders; what I really like about this couple is that they always visit together, & they take it in turns to feed: so whilst one is stuffing its beak the other is 'riding shotgun' on a nearby branch, then, a few seconds later, they swap places; it's almost like a dance, & is fascinating to watch - but the trouble is that they change over so often that it's been almost impossible to capture one, let alone both of them.

So there I was hanging out of the window this evening, admiring the garden, the pond, the sunset, & the generally wonderful view, & just pondering what light setting I'd need to capture it all, when what should appear on top of the bird table but the male bullfinch; by the time I'd taken the lens cap off he'd flown into the bush, so I knew that his mate couldn't be far away, & suddenly, there she was - & me with my camera switched on, too! Well, I didn't know which one to point at, with the result that neither are in perfect focus; but I'm chuffed to bits all the same that I actually got the pair of them in the same shot.

Things we've learned about Jack
On the advice of the dog behaviourist, I didn't allow Jack to come on my lap for comfort when hubby nipped out today, & after a brief whimper he got into his own bed; I could still feel his accusing eyes on me, but refused to respond or interact with him, & in the end he pottered off & did his own thing, with just the occasional whine of complaint. He did get plenty of affection from both of us once hubby got back, but he's such a fast learner that hopefully he's learned that he can survive a parting without needing a cuddle - just as well really, as my legs were far too painful today to have coped with having him clambering all over me!
Last week when Jack was barking at yet another new & worrying noise outside, hubby & I were joking about what a good job it was that we didn't have him last summer when all the water pipes in our road were replaced: the noise (which went on for days) was horrendous - we found it hard enough to deal with, so goodness knows how Jack would have coped. But we could be about to find out: all the tarmac patches in the road are once again being dug up, this time to replace the gas pipes; Jack's been getting a bit bothered by the distant noises (although he apparently doesn't turn a hair when hubby walks him past the works - even the pneumatic drill doesn't bother him so long as he can see where the noise is coming from). We had a note today telling us that our gas will be cut off tomorrow, which presumably means that the racket will be going on right outside our property; so we're thinking of wearing earplugs - not to protect us from the workmen's noise, but from Jack's barking! I suppose we could always take him out somewhere for the day, but that rather depends on the state of my legs in the morning. What really bothers me though, is why can't the utility companies get their act together, so that (a) there is only one lot of disruption for residents/road users, and (b) all that 'making good' work - not to mention precious resources - aren't wasted?!!
The heat is off regarding next week's hospital ordeal: one of our daughters has agreed to juggle her work hours so that she can come & Jack-sit.

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