By goldylocks

It's a Friday.

And although it's the holidays, I can't do anything on a holiday. Let alone write a big report which is playing on my mind as it needs to just be done and out the way. Na. I have another week. . .. :|

Way to a sunny day to be on the computer anyway.

Went into the garden and ruined our freshly grown grass a bit.. woops, i didn't realise it was so delicate, as i spun in circles in the light. Love my new dress.

Went to the park, to continue camera experimentation, and read for a few hours. :o) Lovely day.

Mum, D and A (hah! DNA lewl...) come back tonight. Best start cooking them a proper dinner after having crossed the Tongariro Crossing and having endured hut meals. Good to have them back :o) Not so quiet though. . .

Good weekend planned.


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