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Zoo Trip #21: Marwell Wildlife

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Marwell Wildlife (previously Marwell Zoo), which lies on the grounds around Marwell Hall. When one of their Rothschild's giraffes, Irsula, gave birth to her first calf on 31st January it was naturally named Ruby.

Christiescruff and I went along on Wednesday to visit the zoo with the main intent being to see Ruby. Consequently we went clockwise around the park for once, curbing our impatience to see the snow leopards whose enclosure lies the other way, making our way via the Humboldt penguins and the Savannah Tracks where there are three cheetahs - Turkus, Juba and Suki (of which we saw two).

We found Ruby in the Giraffe House, but she was hard to photograph as she was behind some other giraffes feeding. I got this shot as she ventured towards the outdoors, but when I got outside she went back in again.

As it was the Easter holidays, the zoo was quite busy with lots of toddlers running around, many with painted faces. We had a good look around, especially at the Amur leopards and tigers and the fabulous snow leopards, Indira (with whom I share a birthday!) and her two surviving cubs, and the proud father Indeever. They were mostly basking when we first visited them but were more active later at our second visit of the day, stretching and practising yoga. Both parents were born in zoos in 2008, Indira at Norden's Ark in Sweden, and Indeever in Zurich. Marwell's conservation programme is very important as these magnificent creatures are now close to extinction in the wild.


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Young Giraffe
Yellow Mongoose
Op Art Zebra
Descending Cub

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