This going different ways to the training centre is great fun, I never know what's going to turn up next. Hexenhäuschen means the Witch's House and I thought this was a bit Hänsel & Gretel (and who knew before today that Hänsel had an umlaut (and how odd is it that "umlaut" doesn's have an umlaut?)?)

Today was a good day. I programmed the start of what will be a limited version of Word although why I'm doing that is a bit of a mystery. It's practise. I quite like that.

Yesterday's song was Mad About The Boy. Let's see how you do with this :-

Wenn die Routine stark zubeißt
und Ehrgeiz ist schwach
Und die Feindseligkeit steht hoch
Aber Gefühle werden nicht wachsen
Und wir ändern unser Gewohnheiten
Gehen andere Wege

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