Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Cherry Blossoms

It was another beautiful day, with blue skies and the most amazing clouds I've ever seen, great big huge TALL clouds! I had an appointment at OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University), as I am participating in a study on how exercise affects those who have Parkinsons. Yes, I have Parkinson's Disease....was diagnosed last year and am doing great! I really think I am one of the lucky ones. Although I think I've had this for a number of years, you would not know it. And, since I was diagnosed and have medication, I have actually been able to improve my ability to be much more active. And, as a side light, BLIPFOTO has really taken me on another amazing journey of getting out even more on a daily basis! So thanks to BLIPFOTO for the motivation :))

So today, I had my pretests for the Parkinson's Disease Study on how different forms of exercise helps. It consisted of 2 1/2 hrs of testing....lots of cognitive and physical testing. And then I got the envelope which told me what group I was going to be in.....was it the group which got to go to classes 3 times a week with a Physical Therapist, or was it a ONE TIME class and you are on your own? Unfortunately, I got the later...a bit disappointed, but I know I can do this on my own and will be just fine:))

After I returned, I decided to go out and BIRD for a bit....there continues to be a maze of trails in our area (NW Portland) and I ran into scrub-jays, brown creepers, and western towhees. I've posted those photos on my Flickr page, click here!

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