Off The Ice

I suddenly became so busy a few days ago that I left off blipping till now. My home web connection being down contributed to that. I'll be back-blipping the two that precede.

Here you see my buddy Drahos (A Czech name, short for Drahomir) joining me in painting the home of three other friends. He recently returned after a (southern) summer at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, where people refer to being on the ice, rather than naming the continent. I have a pet ambition of getting to work there myself, but it's a long shot at this point, at least for the next season.

This is a somewhat exciting time because a documentary film I'm profiled in will premier next week in New York, and some friends & relatives will be there to join in the fun.

The side of the house faces onto the street, which makes it way easier to paint. At the bottom of the bay I've started putting on sample colors yellow, green, and red. If they go ahead with these, it makes extra sense alongside the other idea: to engage a mural artist and cover all the bricks with a William Morris wallpaper design! Across the street are two empty walls that cry out for murals, and my friend is hoping that they join in with more of Morris. But on this house, some of the windows were bricked over ages ago and a lot of pointing is needed, so the wallpaper idea would turn a wonky-looking wall into a local treasure.

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