By goldylocks

Treading through Toetoe.

Gorgeous day, predicting showers the next couple however. So, no excuses, I have to be outside, taking photographs. Not inside, doing essays. :o)

A, Mum and I went down to the coves surrounding Takapuna she'd loved many years ago, and had a pleasant afternoon. Tide was in so couldn't go far. Up on the bank were these Toetoe plants (NZ native) and gorgeous place though it was, it was hard to choose a blip. . they weren't all that amazing :o(

Let's hope that sun doesn't go behind a grey cloud.
For my teachers' sake maybe it should. .

Beyond anything, I want to thank absolutely everyone who was so sweet yesterday, on a blip which was merely me spinning in my garden!!
More comments, ratings and hearts then the rest combined probably. . .
You all have lovely journals, and you will see me on them all looking at your gorgeous photos from time to time. . o.O



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