Mercilessly stalked around the garden by a mad mother with camera in hand - the beard is blipped in all its glory!! It's a fine thing -  part Union soldier, part Braveheart, part Irish fisherman, part Jesus, part Anglo- Saxon. He's been astounded (and I think secretly delighted) at how much attention it has recieved- no one can pass by without making a comment or having a feel!!!
Son number 1 - Hendrix/Bert Jansch/Smiths lover; guitar player, rock climber, chess maestro; zombie makeup artist; occasional blipper; cat lover; procrastinator; deep thinker;  kind heart; lifelong veggie; dodgy dancer; special needs educator; Catcher in the Rye lover - and pretty red hot photographer too - check out his blip from yesterday - mad mother is in the image too. They'v ejust headed off to the airport. The house feels empty already.

I forget to mention last night - a delicious indian meal - samosas, dhal and yogurty peas, plus a proper baked lemon cheesecake; and some excellent company and conversation :)

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