Freaky Friday

I was trying to find a suitable shot for Friday the 13th - a banana skin on the ground with a foot about to step on it, a man walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing someone's path, or a bloke in a hockey mask wielding a machete...that kind of thing. But then I've never really been any good at set ups and prefer the more natural, observed, chance shots.*

And so lick would have it that we met up with the future Mrs G out for some leaving drinks. Turns out one of her friends had some pretty impressive (and appropriate for the freakishness of the date) abilities. Can you cross your elbows, interlock your fingers and then fit your head through the gap in your fore-arms? Can you put your hand flat on a table then rotate it through near enough 360 degrees, without moving your arm? And the finale...can you lick your own elbow?

* please note my general inability to stage photos meant this being a preference out of necessity rather than choice

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