By hoodedpigwoman

Vote For The Best-Looking Candidate!

Street stall at Govan Cross this morning. It was quite sunny once again, but extremely cold. We had to go in the tearoom to warm up, where Alexander made himself memorable.

Lots of jobs done this afternoon - mainly shopping but also a big load to the Oxfam shop, and lined up some freecycle takers for more of our surplus baby stuff. Got some fabulous shrubs and more trees from Aldi - all about £2 each.

The title: just after I met Mr HPW, in the throes of a local election campaign, he was coordinating campaigns across several councils. Election leaflets now come with an online template, and one of the local activists had done them for her ward, but she'd filled in some text at the start to test the system and forgotten to change it. About 6000 leaflets turned up with the above strapline. I don't know if the candidate was aware of her views! I thought they should have just put them out....

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