April Challenge - transportation

This one really has to be viewed large!

As usual, the day's theme has provoked a good deal of discussion in this house. You know how sometimes it's hard to choose a single blip. Well today I didn't. I took about 70 photos of various aspects of transportation which showed themselves to me as we wandered around Leith this morning, out of which I created 37 nicely edited pictures. These can be viewed here as a slideshow on Flickr. Of the 37 about 35 make an appearance in this collage, which was the first I have ever made, and was such great fun I might have to do it again some time soon. If I can remember the workflow.

What this brought home to me is how transportation, its management, its context is so dominant in our every day lives. This shows the great variety of means of transport in just this little patch of Leith, and I missed a few great images such as an invalid carriage and a bike tag-along. We also didn't see any airborne transport (apart from birds with their own wings) or wheelchairs. Or trams, for that matter, but that's another thing, but I won't go there.

This is definitely the most time I (and also Mr A who kindly helped me a lot) have ever spent on a single blip. But I hope you agree with me that it's worth it.

I'll answer any queries or challenges in the comments.

This image is part of a 30 day April Challenge started by some blippers/photographers in Iceland

30 day-challenge:
1. Reflection
2. Mail
3. In my neighbourhood
4. Movement
5. Tiny
6. Shadow
7. In my purse
8. Egg
9. Pattern
10. Dirty
11. Bizarre
12. Window
13. Written words
14. Relaxation
15. Transportation

16. Red
17. The last thing I bought
18. Hair
19. Summer is here!
20. Bottle
21. Before / After
22. Good times
23. Vegetables
24. I'm thankful for...
25. Breakfast
26. A sign
27. Somewhere I went today
28. At 13:00
29. Circle
30. Emotion

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