LocalBoy & His Fotographs

By stevenbirrell

Getting Grandfather Ready For Bed

Or getting towed away safely wrapped up on a trailer.

Had a good afternoon in the lovely wee village of Falkland today. Had drove there planning to get a bar lunch at a great wee pub I've been to a few times for full but it was booked up all afternoon. Not surprising as its really good, but we got lucky and ended up walking into The Bruce - which turned out to be just as good, if not better. Portions were huge, so a walk afterwards was well needed...

...which is where I saw this. There is a little violin shop just near the church and three men were delicately loading this clock on to a trailer and getting it all wrapped up and secure. Probably one of those ones where you had to be there, but this looked like they were tucking someone into their bed, putting the wee blanket over them. Took far better shots today, but this one made me laugh. Which is a bonus, as going back to work after a week off is far from funny! :-)

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