Forget Me Not

Today's my only day with Jules - probably for the month. There's the odd evening but no good quality time and always with other folk around. Annoyingly he gets dragged into work problems and there are lots of people around all day ... his brother and family arrive for breakfast, his dad and mum are here and Mario drops in to collect and drop off things. Its not his fault, just a bit depressing. More depressing is that Mum isn't speaking to me ... no reason, well there will be one in her head, but not a real one. Dad seems to be struggling but can't say. Face Time Chris in Thailand who seems fine, except that he's had a stomach upset all weekend and admits that he's not really allowed to take holiday in a few weeks time. He had to find a way to come home to take Mum and Dad on holiday ... now I worry that he's jeopardizing his job and more importantly a real job in Burma later in the year. But he couldn't leave M&D without a holiday and they can't go without him. Its all a bit of a mess. He also tells me that they are planning to go to Burma at the end of the year which means I should wait and go with them. Its the least I can do and it would be amazing to be there with them, just a different sort of holiday to the photographic trip I was planning. It may not happen, but I have to assume it will and plan for it. Trouble is what do I do on my 50th birthday? Jules will be in China, its a Tuesday and I won't have any spare holidays if I save them to go to Burma later in the year.

Have a go with Jules' D800 ... it takes a bit of getting used. I'm just so comfortable with my D60, and I discover after that the focus was set on 3D or something. Shame all the files use up so much space too, but otherwise it's pretty cool and I'd love to own one. Fat chance though. Not enough money or holidays ... work just gets in the way, but without work there'd be no money. What to do?

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