BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear


I seem to be stuck on flowers for the past few days - and this is an early blip today as I leave for Germany tonight (until Wednesday so back blips when I return) - that means you will probably be treated to have to see Germanic buildings or street scenes for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I took a number of shots (avec fly/sans fly) - decided on giving Master Fly his blip-debut as he provided a little bit of wildlife interest for the shot. (Really?? A fly?? Interest?? Hmmmmm!!). He's nowhere near as attractive as the bug from the other day though. This is for you, RDC although not a bird it does have wings!!

Bright on large

Happy Monday - hope your week starts well.

PS. Good blip-meet yesterday afternoon - thanks to everyone who came, it was great to meet you all - shame about the weather!!

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