Scotch Party/AGM?

I have been a part of this small "investment" club for a few years. We get together monthly to discuss our portfolio and make a few adjustments but mostly to drink a couple of beers and chat. We talk about movies, books, our kids, partners, skiing, biking (the motor kind ;) ), etc. etc. It is a lot of fun.

And because we are a legal partnership, we also have an AGM (Annual General Meeting) where we re-elect the officers and take care of a few other details. And we move upscale a little to enjoy a couple of bottles of scotch rather than just beer.

I am usually in charge of getting the scotch. This year I found the Ardbeg at a liquor store on one of my ski trips. I forget which trip, but I think it was while I was flying through Calgary. The Bowmore I bought at a liquor store here. The Bowmore was definitely the more expensive scotch of the two and it was the favourite as well! Though, the Ardbeg was delish, to be sure!

When I bought the Bowmore I saw another Bowmore beside it on the shelf, behind a glass case - it was a 40yr old. $14,895.00 each! Oh, how I would love to try that scotch!

After the meeting, Jim (standing next to me) and I retired to his home where we had a very nice bbq dinner with some lovely wines I brought along.

A very nice day, all told!

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