On reflection, a metronome speed of allegretto on the first day back at work after a 2 week break, was perfectly unobjectionable.

By wednesday I hope to achieve vivace crescendoing to prestissimo by friday afternoon.

In other exciting news... Dozy and Jacca have cause for complaint about me again.

In the pursuit of home brew excellence (see yesterday) I have fished out a small electric/oil radiator for night time use in the sun room.

The children just cannot understand that whilst it matters not a jot if they are cold in the evenings (central heating ban strictly enforced all winter,) after all it is possible to put 3 or 4 jumpers, my home brew wine and beer simply will not ferment if it gets too cold!!!

I should point out that the heating ban refers to the gas central heating only, not the wood burning stove - do you think I am really inhumane??

Although of course the temperature does have to drop below zero before I actually lit it....

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