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I was just taking the dogs for a wash off in the brook and when I got there. The Kingfisher was sat on the post near the bridge. Couldn't get a shot through the windscreen and when I opened the door he as expected flew off. Anyway, knowing that if he is fishing he is likely to come back I waited with door ajar to use as a tripod... sat there waiting for 15 mins and he appeared in the bushes but didn't have clear shot... waited a little longer and he flew onto the bridge railings but out of sight. I knew he would appear so sat for another 10 mins, the cars going past didn't seem to bother him and then I heard clip, clop coming from behind me... thinking that it was very obvious what I was doing and the rider would avoid going in the water and just keep going.... I was horiffied when the rider stopped by my car and asked if it would be a problem if she rode through the brook, in the direction that my camera (100-400 lens so rather obvious) was pointing in.... arghhh....... I quietly replied, it will probably frighten the kingfisher way.. the rider in question is a local person so I was even more horrified when she then almost shouted... KINGFISHER... where is it.......

I glared,, moved to the other side of the car as I watched the Kingfisher fly full pelt from the bridge to the other side of the brook...... is it me or do some people not have any common sense?

Anyway, he did come back but hid in the bushes and I had to go to pick up the boys.. the dogs were still not washed to told the boys I was stopping to give them a wash on the way home and who was sitting on the concreate paths that are there from the days it was a cress bed, but my little blue friend and I managed to get the boys to keep very quiet and still... before it tipped down and I had to give up...

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