an amazing bird

A peacock. I was driving to my art class on Longboat Key, almost there when I drove past this bird in someone's driveway. Can you imagine? At first I stopped my car in the middle of the street (no one behind me) grabbed my camera from my bag, turned it on (. . . c'mon, turn on!) and took a couple of quick shots with the window rolled down. Then I decided I had to get OUT of the car. So still with no one behind me, I pulled over and got out. Spent about 5 minutes photographing because I was already late for class!!

When I got to class I apologized and told my teacher why. He said with a smile, "I've never gotten that as an excuse for being late before!" Ha!

I put a few more photos in my blipfolio. Now my husband says these birds are not native here and they are also a nuisance, but I tell you,  all I saw was beauty, within and without.

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