Flax Abstract

New Zealand flax, Phormium. The base of the leaf fan.

I had to go to Christchurch for physiotherapy on my sore shoulder today. I hope it doesn't take too many treatments, considering the cost and the travel.

Also I was fitted for new glasses. It's six months since my old frames started falling to bits and I went to a firm that was more convenient than my old one. A big mistake. They messed me about for months. With the first attempt the progressives were so badly placed that I had to lift the frame to read. The second attempt was an improvement, but the distance part was not really good enough to drive. They said that I should wear them exclusively for a month to get used to them, which I did, without getting used to them. It was a very stressful month late last year. They said that I couldn't expect to see well because I have cataracts. So I put on my old glasses and suddenly I could see clearly. It was like magic. Even the cataracts were gone. I asked for my money back and eventually I got most of it back. Now I have returned to the previous place. It was my second visit, but it will be a couple of weeks yet before the glasses are ready. I feel a bit nervous about it.

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