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Zeppelin over Insch ........

Quite the pastoral scene today, this hillside near Insch, Aberdeenshire was witness to attack from from above 95 years ago when the German Zeppelin L 20 flew overhead on a mission to bomb the Forth Rail Bridge.
On 2nd May 1916, Zeppelin L 20 - possibly making for Invergordon where the North Sea fleet was based - lost course over Aviemore having failed to find the River Forth and turned eastwards over Aberdeenshire, dropping bombs at Castle Craig near Rhynie, Insch and Old Rayne, before passing east over the coast at Newburgh, 17 miles north of Aberdeen.
The bombing raid led to no casualties although a sister ship killed a horse near Stirling.
Following the raid the L20 ran out of fuel on the 3rd of May 1916 while attempting to reach Stavangar in Norway. Some of the crew survived.

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