By tookie

Celebrations Continue!

My very dear friend and now fellow bus driver retiree had promised to take me out to lunch in honor of my retirement. This was the day we decided upon and went to a small and lovely Thai place near by. We had fresh spring rolls --not fried ones--filled with yummy veggies and topped off our delicious entrees by sharing some green tea ice cream. Thanks for a really fun and beautiful time Lynn!

Lynn was having a pretty good day all things considered. The bank is still hassling her and threatening foreclosure -she has her trailer all ready to move into but so far the bank hasn't done more than harassing phone calls.

Lynn is a devote Jehovah's Witness...her faith is of utmost importance to her and has pulled her out of the depths of despair in the past and continues to be her rock. She suffers from depression which stems largely from having gender dysphoria which means she does not identify at all with her biological sex/or gender assigned at birth. She is a man living in a woman's body and has struggled with this all of her life. She has made a choice to be celibate in life and to not have the gender surgery. While society is slowing moving toward greater acceptance and understanding of transgender people and those with dysphoria, this life path has been extremely difficult and cruel for Lynn is so many ways. She has received support form her congregation and many fellow drivers, but can never be who she he feels he really is. So today was a good day for Lynn...thank you for the wonderful time, lunch and for allowing me to share your story here...hopefully to educate and increase understanding for the problems of those with gender dysphroia.

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