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Getting close

Ah well the mystery of why the police were after me has been solved. It was indeed the bizarre incident of the three security guards who tried to stop me taking sunset pictures.


The PC was just making sure I wasn't an activist planning to blow up the industrial site. Er not before I met the security buffoons, no. PC Kris openly laughed when I told him the story about the three amigos. But since it was photography that nearly got me into trouble I didn't feel like asking for a portrait as Shine A Light had suggested (shame as he was very handsome).

Big intake of air - ahhhh freedom feels good!

So I went to see the birds at the local pond and the heron was feeling sociable with the humans. He came over and sat right by the bench where I was sitting and I took lots of shots. The light was terrible - typical! There was a bit of a fightwith a swan and he unfolded his beautiful wings

But I liked the portrait style shot of him looking deep into my eyes, pleading with me to give him a bit of my sandwich.

No. Not even for you my pretty.

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