Life with The Pinks

By suzypink


Miss Pink has been to pre-school today for the first of her Thursday morning sessions. They had the local dance teacher come in to do ballet with them. She told me all about it on the way home, and how she had also "done cooking with Benjamin, and I like Bethany". She was upset when I arrived though, as I had come to get her and she wasn't staying for lunch. It must have been confusing for her as she usually stays for lunch, so we might have to change things around a bit. Poor Miss Pink!

It was all sorted out when we got home, she had peppa pig pasta and everything was alright after that!

We did jigsaws and watched some Peppa and then went to meet my friends. She seems to have sussed this jigsaw that we refound in the toy box. And she loves it.

I've spent the day mostly drinking tea and eating cake, which sounds awful/heavenly depending on which way you look at it. But it was a much needed catch up with my a special friend in the morning and my lovely mummy friends after lunch. Remember I said I was mulling over some thoughts brought up at my prayer group, yes well I still am. I spent the morning with my friend chatting this over. I still need more time to pray/think/reflect but I think I'm beginning to understand what I need to do.

Master Pink has been busy at school doing "nothing" and "can't remember". He had some lovely big brother moments this evening having cuddles and being with Miss Pink. He was then a bit of a monkey at bedtime. I guess six year olds boys can't be "good" all the time....

So it's birthday eve in the Pink house. Miss Pink is still very much two tonight. I shan't let her be three. She's my baby. But just in case she isn't allowed to be two anymore, then there is a big pile of presents, a half inflated peppa pig balloon (that's another story) and some cards waiting for her.

But tonight she is still two.

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