Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Something's Growing In The Greenhouse #1

The Man has been busy sowing seeds and dutifully turning on the paraffin heater every night to bring on the seedlings. Normally I buy window box and hanging basket plants from a local nursery but this year we sat down with the catalogue and ordered seeds. Both of us have worked in horticulture, so why not?

This a very young nasturtium leaf, I haven't desaturated it, the silveriness is due to the angle of the light. These plants will go in the tubs in front of The Mothers bungalow and in her hanging baskets. She loves the orange flowers. I remember them growing in our garden when I was a child. They attracted cabbage white butterflies. I used to collect the caterpillars and keep them in a box. I can't remember what I did with the chrysalises. I can assure you, this was NOT an activity encouraged by The Mother, she was safely out at work!

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