By katgirl

I am not buying a new car

OK, well, I did. Two weeks ago, the local Toyota dealer called begging me to bring in my car for an appraisal. They really wanted to buy my 5 year old Camry Hybrid. I don't want to sell my car, I said. But James rightfully pointed out the impending costs of new hybrid batteries and continued maintenance of an older car. So, in the end, they pitched in 6 years of free maintenance, a good trade in value, and a good APR, and I gave in.

This time it is a Prius V. It is a bit bigger than the normal Prius. As much as I loved my Camry, much of the trunk space was obliterated by the hybrid battery. It will be nice to be able to use my car to bring home tomato cages, plant stakes, trees, and more livestock troughs to complete our garden! Bob thinks the car makes us look very professional. Professional what? Or do I really want to know the answer to that question?

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