By Ilaria

Another busker....Mr. Accordion....

.....a little more courage!!!! :-))

Had to hand my car in for repair this morning...OUCH!! And used the time to wander round town and try a few more street shots!! A wee bit more daring this time...and chatted with this man from Romania, playing his accordion. It felt OK chatting to him, but still strangely invasive taking shots of him!!! But he had great hands!!!!!!! :-)) I like hands....IF they have lots of charachter!! His have seen a fair bit of life and hard work....

I debated between this coloured shot and Mono....then between this shot, and one showing a bit more of the lovely detail on his old Accordion!! I converted that one too...ended up with 4 shots and total indecision!!! The other 3 are HERE if anyone is interested!!! :-)))

On a different note...I have made the very hard, but much needed decision, to take a few weeks off blip!! Work is incredible busy and tiring just now, and I'm doing some extra work too. I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day!! My mum had eye surgery today...and I've not had time to even visit what with car repairs and stuff. I just can't do it all...and since everything else is in the essential pile, and blip is just beautifully life enhancing, but NOT essential....guess what has to go!!! Sigh!!!

I'm on holiday in a few weeks...and will be back then!!! Will miss you folks terribly...but will still be nosey-ing in on journals!!!!!! Lol!! :-)))

See you all soon...
Take care...

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