a town called E.

By Eej


I'm sure all the other times he tried he had no trouble climbing up the metal pole to reach the feeder swing. But today it has been raining. A lot. So when he took a flying leap onto the pole and moved himself in an upwards direction I'm sure it came as an unpleasant surprise that he slid down faster than he could climb up.
For a while he sat on the ground looking up. Then he climbed back on the fence and looked at me. All quizzical and almost accusatory. Like it's MY fault he couldn't reach the peanuts!
Then he sat and stretched his body towards the swing, measuring the distance and deciding if it was worth making an ass of himself again - as it was obvious he wouldn't be able to jump quite that far and onto a moving object.

I stood and tried not to laugh out loud. I may have had a quiet giggle though ;)


*falls over with excitement*

And the Beloved is playing the Bee Gees :) *dances on chair*

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