Maggie @ Abingdon

By MaggieJH

Trendell Gardens

Despite the tulips being past their best (and the dead daffs!) these formal gardens near the Vale of White Horse council buildings looked fabulous this afternoon. You can get a better idea of their formal layout here.

They're named after James Trendell who donated a statue of Queen Victoria to the town of Abingdon for the queen's Golden Jubilee. The statue was originally placed the Market Square but is now close to these gardens.

I've had a very happy day today. Not only is it my 100th blip day but it's also my real birthday - plus I've got a new camera :) I've not got to grips with it yet and am still using it on "autopilot". However, one thing I really like is the flip out screen which means I can take "low down" blips without lying flat on my stomach in the grass - hence this tulip shot.

Thanks to everyone for making me so welcome at Blipfoto and for the pleasure and inspiration you have all given me through your wonderful photos.

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