By FourLittleBells

Blue bells

The girls of the family were out late last night at a hat fashion show at the school, where Lily and Rohan also won first prizes in their class groups in a colouring in competition. The show was great, with the primary sevens modelling hats they had made, raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Luka decided to have a furious and very loud battle of wills in an attempt to be fed at around 11pm. Crying and shouting on and off until we caved in (mostly worrying about the noise and the neighbour) and fed him at 1.30am. Then he pooped. I got to sleep at just after 2am.
So. Tired today.
We had Granny and Granpa and Auntie Karen coming, so tired or not, pizza dough to make and some banana blondie (first try, very nice).
A lovely walk to the river, a bit of sunshine and a team effort at pizzas and all weariness was almost forgotten. Almost.

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