All These Things...

By Joestockdale

Saturday Night Rain

"Last time I was here it was raining, like you ain't ever seen it rain and your eyes were filled with terror and smoke from the gasoline. As the stars exploded with gunfire, I saw you smiling just before. Last time I was here you were crying, you're not crying anymore." Dirty Rain- Ryan Adams

Another evening by Ullswater, the rain just gave up and the atmosphere had a soft tint of gold from the sunset bursting from underneath the clouds. Pretty much just spent the whole day editing to make time to come out here and get a few photos and have a walk round the shore.
I had to take my filters off for this because they got smeared with rain and muck. So bracketing three photos for this shot, as the sky was to bright and the tones went faded on the fells after too much exposure. A big part of landscape photography for myself and no doubt others is learning how to compensate for whatever changes the weather and light can throw at you.

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