By goldylocks


Didn't sleep-in, not the last day of the holidays, not even the first.

But, as we visited the grand-parents, as I wandered off after lunch into their beautiful garden, I couldn't help but collapse on the grass, get the feel of the air, and doze off, for an hour - I don't know. It was gorgeous.

Got woken up by Grandad, he was worried for where I'd got to. Everyone else was waiting for we too... quite unsure where I was. We were going for a wander. It's the only way to get the oldies to keep up some exercise, and it's not dull.

We went to this gorgeous bush, not 10 minutes away, and I lost them. I think I'm going to say it's because my legs are far too fast. That's it. Though I wasn't walking most of the time, I was taking photos, and I somehow ended up way ahead???   Very fast legs.

I haven't tried taking these photos very often. Photos with trees are always very busy, and it's hard to capture anything much. But for a start, I think this is pretty good.

For the memories, I also have my soup, my mum's famous pumpkin soup, which I very much liked the photo of too. In particular the bowl, and it's reflections... :o)

I hope I sleep tonight. School tomorrow.


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