By meccanica


This isn't Leaky.

This is representative of what Leaky may one day be like.

Leaky was 'chris'tened so by CNXO not long after I first arrived at work with it (him? her?). At the time Leaky was leaking oil, air, water, petrol and brake fluid and as such was a real bargain...

It's been a while since Leaky has been leaky though, until last night when one of the radiator hoses burst.

So today, I spent one of the most perfect weather days of the year taking off the bonnet, taking out the radiator, checking the hoses, getting a new (used) one off Clint (kind of my 'dealer') putting it all back together then tinkering with the timing, cleaning the spark plugs, finding the plugs for the floor that've been out for two years (leading to water splashing in and up Lizi's trousers when it's raining), racing down to Black Head and back to see how she was going, tidying the dashboard up that was put in in a hurry 3 years ago, pulling out the broken heater and dismantling that, putting the bonnet back on and heading out to a birthday BBQ at Tim and Amelia's.

Was quite a nice day really.

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