The life of Manuel

By MBijen

Brown Eyed Girl

Day 112,
Brown Eyed Girl,
The day started around 9:00 when I snoozed my alarm for the first time..
Around 11:00 I was done snoozing and turned the alarm off.. And I got a wakeup call around 13:00.. Woops! Overslept..
So I went out to shoot some photo's with a friend of mine. Will publish 'em soon!

"Hey where did we go,
days when the rains came?
Well I went to the bar with Amber and we enjoyed live music!
It took some time untill we decided which song we should request.. And we choose Brown Eyed Girl from Van Morrison.. After requesting it, it got played directly! They did a great job!
The audience wasn't that enthousiast and Amber wanted to dance.. So she dragged me into a Salsa Bar.. Help! So it was the first time in my life that I had to dance the salsa.. I think we can agree that it's not the best thing I can do.. :) But we sure had fun..
Thanks for the lovely evening..!

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