Work on a Sunday

Surprisingly fresh considering, and I headed for a wander up to Stirling Castle after Samantha had dropped us off to collect the (abandoned since Friday) car. I had picked up my old Historic Scotland membership card though and wasn't going to cough up the entrance fee when it should be free so I wandered around the cemeteries and up over Beheading Hill here to watch the weather come in over the Trossachs.

There's a good view down to our new college campus from here - in the middle distance - and it also shows up how much regeneration's taking place around about this area of Stirling. All of those old style terraced houses have been flattened, apart from a few that still seem to be occupied on the left here, and are being replaced by the much more modern type also seen here.

I spent a good hour or so up here watching the rain clouds skirt around me and listening to the youngsters hone their football swearing skills down on the pitch below. It's amazing how clear phrases like "pass us the baw ya f*ckin' d*ckhead" and "furf*cksake" carry on over the Back O'Hill road and up the Ballengeich.

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